WSQ Certification

The Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) is a national credentialing system.

The WSQ certification trains, develops, assesses and recognises individuals for the key competencies that companies look for in potential employees.

WSQ is based on national standards developed by SSG (Skillshare Singapore Agency).

WSQ is in collaboration with various industries comprising industry sectoral frameworks which serve to professionalism in the wellness Singapore industry.




Learning Level - Everyone

WSQ courses are for everyone. Contact us for more information regarding course fees and types of courses available for registration.

What is the WSQ Certification?


Professionalise the industry, particularly where recognition of Continuing Education and Training (CET) qualifications are lacking.

Improve labour mobility allowing companies in growing industries to easily recruit workers with the necessary skills whilst improving opportunities for workers to enter these industries.

The WSQ system is designed to be a practical, accessible and affordable launching pad for individuals to take charge of their own careers and advancement. It is also a powerful business tool for employers to access and maintain a skilled workforce as it enhances their competitive edge and advancing their businesses. WSQ in spa services certifications evolved from NSRS certifications in reflexology and massage since 2008.

Today, WSQ in spa services is part of the larger tourism WSQ framework and industry that is ever expanding with over 350 competency standards. Singapore is a cosmopolitan city in Asia. 

Opportunities for day spa, hotel spa, reflexology and tourism spa are aplenty.

The growth of spa treatments and beauty therapy, body therapy , reflexology is at least 10% each year. For more information on WSQ spa certifications, please visit SSG website.