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Protherapist Academy is a massage school in Singapore that provides CIBTAC and WSQ massage courses.

This includes the basic body WSQ massage course and WSQ provide hand and foot reflexology courses. We are conveniently located in the heart of Singapore at Raffles Place. Our school is at 17 Phillip Street, Raffles Place, Level 3 Grand Building.

Teaching since 2005

Founded in 2005, Protherapist Academy was grown out of a need to give safe and quality, no-frills training to women and men from all walks of life.  No shady business, No intimidation of Learners to Do anything, No mixing men and women class for Body Massage. Over 16 years, we hold strong conviction on protecting our learners modesty, knowing they can be easily taken advantaged of  when this is all new. Even our Assessors are women.  Our Consultants will walk you through and we do our best to respect all our learners.


Mutual Respect is our Policy

Protherapist Academy Address

Raffles Place, Singapore

17 Phillip Street, Level 3 Grand Building Singapore 048695.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday (9am – 7pm)

Call us at +6588575539 any time Monday to Friday,  9am to 6pm.


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17 Phillip Street, Raffles Place, Level 3 Grand Building, Singapore 048695

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Love From Our Students

Thank you Protherpaist Academy! Our massage teacher always encouraged us to learn more and our trainer was always patient and reminding us important notes and tips for the exam.


Wonderful team of trainer & course mates. Siti (our staff) was very helpful and I always looked forward to the massage courses every week. ?

Juliet & Intan

Thank you Protherapist Academy, for all your help!

课程安排适当,训练导师很好, 有耐心,细心教导

Yao Yu Huan & Lee Swee Teck

Praising Teacher Jen

非常感谢贵院提供这个学习课程, 让我学到一技之长, 找到工作 ?

Chen Geme

Able to find a job after graduating from Protherapist Academy

WSQ & CIBTAC Courses

The Year Protherapist Academy was Founded

Years of Teaching in Singapore

Over 15 Years of Teaching in Singapore

Protherapist Academy has been founded since 2005. We have been teaching massage in Singapore for more than 15 years.

Learn Massage in Singapore

Learn basic and advanced massage techniques. At Protherapist Academy, we will cover crucial topics such as human anatomy and physiology.

Understanding how the human body works is critical to providing a relaxing and soothing massage therapy experience,