Short courses

Short Courses offer a different group of people to understand spa, skin-care and massage therapy. This knowledge is useful to everyone at home. It is designed for non masseuse, non spa therapists like caregivers, nurses, healthcare professionals, mums and anybody who wants to learn a tactile skill that is becoming more and more popular each year.

If you want to learn something new, what is better than learn a tactile skill, something you can give and bring joy to your loved ones! It is a very practical course with plenty of benefits. It is a skill that will 100% loved by babies and children of all ages (mine are always asking for massage every nite), it relieve stress, bond with your elderly parents and your young children or grandchildren, come and take a basic swedish massage or reflexology course.It is easy to learn, and an effective health therapy.

If you wish to understand skin and how to massage the face, to have a glow on your dull skin, why not come and learn the Radiant Face Massage? Again, facial massage is so relaxing. Learn and find out for yourself! Learn from the professional the correct and safe techniques!

There are slimming courses to prenatal and postnatal workshops, short courses.

Please send us an email and we are always happy to customise some short courses for your company bonding or personal event.