Self-Care starts with a Correct Stance!

IMPORTANCE of Massage Positions – STANCE

Why is it important yet so little emphasis on this?

In our courses, starting from Beginner’s Swedish Massage (which is a full body oil massage) course, we emphasis the need to stand correctly. This is call Massage Stance.



This is important to PROTECT our students. We feel that all the future therapists should know how to move the body correctly, and observe their own body movements when trying to help their clients.

This knowing can save them lots of back pains, unwanted injuries (suffered by so many new an experienced therapists) as a result of not knowing how to stand correctly when giving their clients a good massage.

You must first of all take care of yourself, then you can take care of your client!

1. Relax your body
2. bend your knees

1. conserve your energy
2. minimise injuries and tiredness
3. gives u the extra power, extra strength

Look at the pictures closely.

Do the correct way with – Asymmetric Stance (Position)

– support your weight on the Back Foot (right foot in the picture)
– make sure your shoulder are relax
– balance maintained on your Front Foot (left foot in the picture)
– focus on the proper wrist angle (not to injure your wrist)
– ensure straight line between the head and the rest of the back towards heel of the right foot.

Others pointers

Front leg is flexed FORWARD, back leg is slightly flexed too. The front foot is important to balance your body as you perform the massage treatment for your client.

This way, you leverage the strokes which require much pressure by using your body. In other words, your body is used to leverage and lean towards your client with more pressure.

Remember that this movement improves both the rhythm and fluidity of the massage.

When you know how to move your body fluidly, you will be using the energy of the entire body. You will not move the muscles of your upper body. This technique will give you more power for effluerage especially. Just keep the centre of gravity with your knees slightly bent and relax as you perform the art of massage.

Importantly, you must find your balance, your strength and at the same time not injured yourself as a therapist. Over the years, too many people dropped out or stopped work temporarily with incorrect position, posture during the massage and treatment.

Learn the correct position, Work longer in the Spa industry and enjoy the Art of giving a good massage effortlessly!