Postnatal Massage After C Section

C-section is an important, but major surgery. The healing process can take months. Womb to Heal After Birth recommends postnatal massage after c section, as it provides many benefits.

Postpartum uterine contractions are common among women after delivery by C section or vaginal birth. Reduce Weight After Delivery It is recommended that a woman wait for six weeks before resuming intercourse and/or attempting to conceive another child. During this time, various natural therapies can help restore the uterus’ natural functioning abilities. 

Womb to Heal After Birth explains how postnatal massage can be beneficial in reducing perineal tension, helping lower abdominal muscles return back to their pre-pregnancy state.  

Womb to Heal After Birth  typically recommends perineal massage during the 2nd or 3rd week following delivery. Womb to Heal After Birth  also lists the nine best essential oils for postnatal massage after c section.

Womb to Heal After Birth

Postpartum massage for mothers, whether by caesarean section or vaginal delivery, has been proven to reduce depression and anxiety that may arise from the physical changes of their bodies. 

Postnatal massage for mothers helps them recover faster after pregnancy and childbirth as it reduces stiffness and swelling in muscles and joints. It also improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage which is important for healing post-pregnancy related pains such as back pain, abdominal cramps, headaches etc.

A mother who experiences a normal vaginal birth can expect some tearing along the perineum (the area between the anus and vulva) which may cause swelling. 

If she had an episiotomy or extended perineal tear during delivery then stitches are required to repair the tear. This may cause some discomfort when passing urine, having a bowel movement or sexual intercourse. And postnatal massage can help to reduce this pain and aid healing by increasing blood flow around the genital area. 

The pelvic floor muscles which support the bladder, uterus, rectum and small intestine are stretched during childbirth. Womb to Heal Therapy uses hands-on techniques that allow mothers to retrain their muscles in order to build up strength again after pregnancy due to muscle fatigue.

Uterus Care After Delivery

After birth, the uterus has to go through a lot of changes to return back to its regular size. It can take up to six weeks for women after child birth. Womb care is crucial during this time as it helps retain its strength and prevents various diseases such as uterine prolapse and pelvic congestion syndrome.

Uterus massage also stimulates the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids around the body which restores metabolism and reduces water retention.

Reduce Weight After Delivery

Despite the joy of bringing a new baby to the world, many women also face various complications during and after pregnancy. One such complication is weight gain due to the pressure that the baby exerts on her body. 

For most people, it is difficult to lose weight once they put it on and this includes pregnant women too. After the birth of your baby, you will witness a lot of changes in your body and losing unnecessary weight (especially around your abdomen and stomach) will be an uphill task for you. To make matters worse for you, there are certain limitations while exercising after c-section which should not be ignored by any means. 

This article talks about postnatal massage therapy for mothers who delivered via C-Section delivery method or other  methods.

Postnatal massage therapy is not just for slimming your body but also helps you to get rid of excess fluids, breast milk and blood from the affected areas which will eventually help you in getting back to shape. 

It has proven successful in toning up your muscles easily which means you can get back to the normal life without any discomfort or pain.

Postnatal Massage Singapore

Postnatal care is by far the most important part of taking care of baby and mother. The Uterus, which expanded to accommodate a pregnant woman’s growing baby, must contract back to its pre-pregnant state in order for the mom to return to her original shape. 

This can be painful and it takes time, but massaging your uterus helps keep it contracted and treat postpartum hemorrhoids. Postnatal massage Singapore helps reduce pain from uterine contractions after delivery while keeping the uterus healthy.

In order for fluid retention which causes discomfort to pass, mothers should lie down on their left side with their leg drawn up when resting or sleeping during the first few weeks after a vaginal delivery or a c-section.