Postnatal Breast Massage Singapore

Breast massage is an important part of postnatal care for mothers.

It helps to improve blood flow in the area, release toxins and produce milk.




There are several different types of massage that can be performed on the breasts, including breast self-massage. This article focuses on breast massage given by an experienced therapist while mothers hold their baby close while breastfeeding.

The following steps will show you how to perform this type of massage yourself or ask someone else to give it to you.

Postnatal care for mother

The postnatal care period is one of the most important phases in a woman’s life. As they transition into mothers, their bodies go through an array of changes that will affect them for months to come.

There are several different types of massages that can be done to new moms. They include:

Relaxation Massage or Lazy Massage

This is meant to soothe and calm down the mother by lessening any stress they may have. The massage will help with any discomfort or body aches they feel after birth. It helps keep blood circulation as well as ease anxiety and fears the mother may have about being a parent herself. In addition, it also eases labor as well as uterine cramps.

Postnatal massage oil

Acupressure Massage or Head Massage

This type of massage is beneficial to mothers who suffered from a Cesarean Section birth or have stitches on their perineum region. The pressure applied helps in blood circulation but also soothes the pain and discomfort they may be experiencing after birth. Furthermore, it reduces anxiety and stress by promoting a sense of calmness. It also stimulates uterine contractions in order to reduce blood flow as well as any aches and pains throughout the body.

Breast Massage

This is an important message for mothers who are breastfeeding their newborns. In addition, this particular massage helps promote milk production when done within 48 after giving birth along with increasing their milk supply. It also helps mothers establish a good breastfeeding relationship with their baby by comforting the baby if they are easily fussy or irritable.

Postnatal Massage for Mother

This is used to enhance blood circulation while also reducing any aches and pains throughout the body due to fatigue post-birth. It also helps in restoring the flexibility of the mother’s muscles as well as help them return to their pre-pregnancy weight more quickly after giving birth. The massage will also help with relaxing the mother, especially when it comes to breastfeeding their newborn child.

Although many times mothers prefer relaxation massages, these particular massages can be done at different periods of time depending on how they would like to address certain conditions that they are feeling in their postnatal period.

The combination of the different types of massages that are mentioned above works hand-in-hand with each other to enhance blood flow, reduce anxiety and stress, relax the body, restrengthen muscles, ease aches throughout their body as well as promote proper breastfeeding habits when done within 48 hours after giving birth.

Breast Massage for Breastfeeding Moms

Postnatal Breast Massage for breastfeeding moms is an activity that helps to prepare the breasts for breastfeeding while releasing accumulated milk in the breasts. It also helps to stimulate the production of breast milk that will promote lactation naturally, making it easier for mothers who are breastfeeding.

The key component of postnatal massage Singapore is bolus formation. The use of lanolin oil while performing this activity helps to soften the baby’s mouth and make breastfeeding less likely to cause nipple damage or cracking.

Some other essential oils involved are lavender, chamomile, thyme, bergamot, clary sage, geranium, and fennel. These essential ingredients boost blood flow to the area as well as help by relieving tension between muscles.

Lactation massage

Postnatal Breast Massage Singapore is a great way for breastfeeding mothers to improve milk supply. Posture is really important during lactation massage, and the mother should try to relax as much as possible.

Lactation massage is performed with a light-weight oil or lanolin cream that has been rubbed into the skin of the breasts and surrounding areas. Try to use unscented postnatal massage oil, even if it means spending a little more on some organic coconut oil. The best time to perform the Postnatal Breast Massage Singapore is either immediately before or after feedings.

Oil helps make your skin slippery so your fingers can slide easily over your body without discomfort, which allows you to give yourself a longer massage than you would if you had just used your hands. Postnatal Breast Massage Singapore can be performed by yourself, or with the help of a partner.

The best massage stroke to use is called ‘stripping’. Using your thumb and fingers, strip the flesh firmly down the breast towards the nipple about ten times. Then switch breasts and repeat ten times on each side. To give Postnatal Breast Massage Singapore to somebody else, simply glide your fingertips all over their chest in big circles – one hand above their nipple and one below it.

Lactation massage may also involve using kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine any blockages that are present by testing the strength of grip on various parts of the body. Postnatal Breast Massage Singapore is usually performed for about 20 minutes once or twice each day.

Bottom line

It is best for mothers to receive these messages from a professional therapist who is qualified in order for them to maximize their benefits while also ensuring they are safe at all times during the massage.

Doing this daily can be beneficial for new moms within 6 weeks after giving birth. Doing it more than once a day may lead to further complications with regards to transitioning back into their normal routines such as leaving their baby. If opting for a professional massage, mothers should consult with their doctor first before doing so to ensure they are fit for such procedures and that it will not interfere with any of their current medications or treatments.

In conclusion, postnatal care is imperative for new mothers and the different types of massages mentioned above can be great for them depending on what they need during this time in their lives. This is because these massages provide numerous benefits such as managing pain, increasing milk supply if breastfeeding, reducing stress and anxiety as well as promoting proper breastfeeding habits when done within 48 hours after giving birth.