Natural Healing with EO (Essential Oils)

Do you want to find out the most common and effective Essential Oils everyone should have at home? Essential oils are for thousands of years used as an antiseptic agent, calming, healing coughs, aches and skin problems.

Do you apply neat on the skin, do you blend all essential oils?

There is misconception of essential oils and how essential oil can be a natural therapy.


Learn to use 100% non commercial, pure, high quality therapeutic grade essential oils to heal the body. Blending of oils is an art. We will highlight the safety of using essential oils and various ways to use, and how to blend safely. You will also learn about their properties, uses and benefits.

However, there are essential oils in the market which we call commercial oils with little or no therapeutic effects. It is important to be discerning and find out what are pure essential oils and do not buy oils based on price alone.

Pure Essential Oils is a natural healing therapy. Your whole family will benefit from using Essential Oils safely. For children, it helps to improve their concentration, mental sharpness and do better in exams. Start them young! For adults, these oils will help to de-stress and uplift their moods among other benefits.

Please email us if you are keen to participate in our regular essential oil course.

Duration  1 nite, 3 hours

Fee            $130 (inclusive of 1 bottle of blended oil and 1 bottle of essential oil)

Date:         13 November 2015, Friday,  7-10 pm