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Postnatal Massage For Mother Private Home Masage Massage At Home Postnatal massage after caesarean section is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore.




This is because it helps to restore the mother’s body back to its pre-pregnant state much faster than other postnatal care options.

Postpartum massage therapy for women who have delivered their babies via C-sections has been shown to be beneficial in numerous ways.

Postnatal massage by a licensed therapist can help you to relax, relieve your body aches and pains, make you feel rejuvenated and refresh, manage stress better with enhanced mood, improve blood circulation in the lower limbs, stimulate milk production if you are breastfeeding among other things. Postnatal massage for mommies who have delivered via C-section is usually done with special pillows to support their backs. One of these pillows is called teardrop pillow or wedge cushion which lifts up the hips so that gravity aids the process of draining the fluid that has pooled around the uterus after delivery.

During postpartum recovery after caesarean section, women are advised not to wash their wound right away but only they change dressings at least twice a day. Postpartum massage after caesarean section can be done on the scar if it is completely healed which usually takes about six weeks time after delivery.

The processes of postnatal recovery after C-section are quite similar to that experienced during regular vaginal births, but there are some differences which you will be informed by your obstetrician or midwife. Postnatal massage for new mothers who have delivered via Cesarean Section is usually carried out by therapists who are trained in this aspect of postpartum care.

Postnatal Massage For Mother

Postnatal massage can be done at home without any assistance. Postnatal massage is recommended because it helps the uterus to return back to its normal size and reduce pain in muscles, joints and ligaments which could result from pregnancy.

Postnatal massages also help with the flow of milk, increase the rate of weight loss associated with breastfeeding mothers, decreases risk for postpartum depression and boosts overall mood levels in new moms. Postpartum massages are ideal when there’s no postpartum complications or disorders involved. Postnatal massage is also an excellent remedy for assisting women in relieving backaches caused by fatigue or bad posture following childbirth.

Another benefit of getting a postnatal massage at home includes reduced stress levels because you don’t have  to take into consideration the possibility of interruptions. 

Post labor massage therapy is an ideal option for women who are planning to have a caesarean section because it can help them recover faster after childbirth compared to other options available. Postnatal massages have no negative effects so there’s nothing to worry about when you get one done at your convenience by a home massage therapist in Singapore.

Private Home Massage

Postnatal Massage Singapore Post-partum massage is one of the many treatments that has originated in Asia. 

Postpartum massage is also known as Postnatal Massage and can be given for between 4 to 6 weeks after child birth. This type of Massage treatment helps mothers recover faster from pregnancy pains especially in their abdominal area, legs and pelvic muscles where they have had a C Section. 

Postnatal Massage increases blood circulation through out the body which speeds up recovery time, releasing endorphins which help with stress relief . Postpartum massage focuses on muscle pain relief and reducing swelling of tissues by flushing them out with nutrients that enhance new cell growth. 

It also encourages overall health improvement during thenatal phase, including promoting weight loss and preventing complications such as urinary infection and hemorrhoids. Postpartum massage is started within the first few days after birth and weekly, gradually reducing to about twice a month till 6 weeks after childbirth.

Massage At Home

During the first few weeks after giving birth, mothers tend to experience a certain amount of back pain caused by muscles that have been overstretched and weakened during the pregnancy. It is also normal for new mothers to feel exhausted and sore as their bodies adjust. 

This is where postnatal massage at home Singapore comes in handy: it increases blood circulation and reliefs muscle stiffness, thus alleviating fatigue and pain on these areas. 

Post-pregnancy massages require some preparation; you will need to make yourself comfortable, relax, wear loose clothing if possible, roll up your mat with a towel or sheet if necessary. In addition, you can ask your partner to massage your back to help you relax and reduce the discomfort.

Massage Lady For Postnatal

Private Home Massage is a great way for mothers to get back into shape and gain some sanity after the arrival of their baby. You can enjoy your massage at home with soothing music, aromatic oils and the presence of a professional Singapore private home therapist. 

A typical postnatal body massage can be done anywhere from 30 minutes to 120 minutes depending on your preference. Some women also like the Private Home Masseuse to perform postnatal beauty services such as eyebrow waxing, mani-pedis or gentle facials in conjunction with their postnatal body massage sessions. Massage lady for private home postnatal massage is helpful in minimizing muscle pain, joint stiffness and tiredness. 

Pregnancy hormones tend to leave the body with a depletion of magnesium in the bones, resulting in muscular aches and tension that can stay long into motherhood. Prenatal home massafe helps massage out the kinks in your muscles so you will feel much more confident after a private home massage.

Strategic places for Private Home Massage are usually between the shoulder blades since this part tends to retain most tension from carrying an extra baby around all day! The lower back, arms, legs and feet are also very popular areas where mothers want their Private Home Masseuses to focus their expertise on.