Flexible Part Time Jobs as Spa & Wellness Therapist

The beauty and body massage therapy industry is supportive of part time jobs. In fact, it is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore. You do not need to sign any contracts but commit to working for instance two to four days in a week.

There are many benefits of offering temporary and part time services in a Spa. We have listed several benefits of being a temporary massage wellness therapist:

  1.  Support your Family and other Personal Commitments

This is one job whereby you can have more control of your time, organize and discuss with the spa. The freedom to work on a contract or temporary basis has drawn many to work in massage and spas.

2. Wellness spas offer comprehensive in house training to all the staff periodically. This can range from their new products, equipment, scrubs and different beauty, body trainings.

3. Career Opportunities. There are many benefits and opportunities working with different outlets. You gain a lot of knowledge, network as  you plan and prepare to work on a permanent basis when your family commitment changes. Experience in this industry helps to boost your confidence and popularity as a therapist.

4. Time out. As a temporary or part time staff, you can also take time off whenever you need. As long as you  give fair notice to the company, this job is flexible and gives you much options to progress, plan and grow.

5. Career change. As a part time or contract staff, you can test the waters, work in different spa cultures and eventually know all the area of work. This allows you to specialise when you are more ready to commit full time. Having a great CV will help you to even lead a spa or start your own spa.

6. Part time weekends jobs. Great opportunity to work on weekends and earn extra income if that’s what you want. The weekends are typically filled with appointments and thus you will learn a lot faster, earn a lot more in just 2 days. Many have reported earning over S$1000 in a busy weekend.

7. Looking for jobs

With the shortage of spa therapists, it is extremely easy to opt for part time or flexible arrangement now. All the trainings are free as long you will stay and be committed to your part time contract. Companies are more than happy to train you for free and even send you to upgrade when you display good attitude and great customer services. Spa is essentially a service industry. You do not face a computer to enter data, yet you can enjoy interacting and giving therapy to fix a problem of body ache or skin problems.

8. Wide range of jobs in Spa & Wellness Industry

This can range from Wax, Facial, Body therapies. You do not need to be trapped in a full time job. You can take assignments on certain days you are available too. Since 10 years ago, Singapore is an increasingly popular destination for wellness and spa. It is here to stay.

Beauty, Aesthetics, Waxing, Body massage, body therapies and pampering are all Lifestyle industry and it is growing in demand worldwide. This is a career that will never leave you no job opportunities, especially weekends if you need extra cash.