What is Our Goal?

Established since 2005, Protherapist Academy is focused on adding genuine value to our students. We attract the trainers with the passion, right attitude to share and teach with newbies.

From Day 1, we aspire to deliver quality training, treat students with respect and assist them in their career growth.

We are known for strong support and respect for our learners. Students are our customers and we support them well after learning in ProTherapist Academy.


Our Academy’s Simple Philosophy

We focus on holistic healthcare and believe that everyone has responsibility over their own health. Most of all, do you know anyone who dislike a massage?

We work closely with spas to give students opportunity to experience spa work. We partners on social level to assist them within the funding framework and prepare them to join this booming spa industry.

Our students support goes beyond classroom learning. We continuously take feedback and provide a conducive and optimal learning environment with lounge, balcony and administrative services.

With technology, many are working freelance, part time or full time in different jobs. You have a choice today to use apps and websites to build your own business. Most important is build a skill that you can call your own.

Be financially independent and decide the hours you wish to work with the variety of courses in ProTherapist Academy. Alternatively, learn it as a leisure and for your beloved family. Imagine if everyone cares about their family and loved ones, a pair of Healing Hands in each household is divine! Everyone will be happy and healthy!

The Future of Spa

As the population becomes more sophisticated and spending power increases, going spa weekly for maintenance, for health benefits becomes a part of lifestyle for many.

Last few years with the changes in industry players mix, the enforcement of spa licensing and rising of quality spa operators, we see a growth in neighbourhood quality spas reflecting a renewed confidence and passion.  There is a definite back to wellness focus minus the sleazy massage outlets in 2014 and more opening of investments back in Spa and Wellness.