CIBTAC Diploma – International Diploma

The CIBTAC Diploma is an internationally recognised certification in massage.

Spas and employers throughout Singapore recognise the CIBTAC diploma as one of the top massage certifications in the Singapore wellness industry.




Learning Level - Everyone

The CIBTAC Diploma courses is perfect for everyone! Contact us for more information.

Why is CIBTAC the most popular International Diploma?


1. It is an international board who is responsible for training and certifying therapists with aesthetics skills, massage skills, therapy skills, spa skills for over 35 years. CIBTAC is well known for its strict quality control and all rounded comprehensive training.

2. CIBTAC has modules and diplomas designed for spa therapists, body therapists and beauty therapists. The passing rate for theory paper and practical paper are 60%, marked separately. Theory papers are in the form of multiple choice questions (MCQ) while practical papers are hands on examinations whereby the Examiner from UK,CIBTAC will oversee the entire exam and ask questions during the practical exam. In both theory and practical papers, the UK examiner will be present.

3. The courses held in Protherapist Academy are Part Time, Weekly day-time or Part Time three times (3x) a week at night. The courses are short and generally run over 2 months. Cibtac mockup exams are included to prepare students for the actual exam.

For the best interest of our students, mandarin speaking and English speaking classes are separated.

We DO NOT mix or combine the teachings in 1 class – though efficient for the academy but not to the best interest to learning. Classes are kept small up to 12 students for optimal learning and practices in groups.

4. There are quarterly exams throughly the year in January, April, July and October. The examination results will generally be available from CIBTAC about 6-7 weeks after the exam.

The examiner from UK will come to oversee the examination.

During the examination, translator is available to translate from Mandarin to English.