Best Postnatal Massage Singapore

Prenatal and postnatal massage, also known as pre-partum and postpartum massage is a type of therapy used to soothe the mother’s body after childbirth.

The therapist applies gentle pressure on the main areas which include the back, legs, and hips to reduce discomfort caused by muscle aches & tension.




Pregnancy brings with it many changes in your whole body including breasts that are enlarged due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.

In order for milk production to be stimulated naturally without using any external aids like breast pumps or supplements, mothers may opt for a breast massage at least twice daily before feeding their baby.

Postnatal care is a critical part of the recovery process, both physically and emotionally. Prenatal massage will help in encouraging postpartum healing for mothers who have undergone cesarean section or vaginal deliveries by helping to reduce tension in the lower back and hip areas which can lead to discomfort in those specific regions.w

Postnatal massages also provide comfort and relaxation especially after childbirth when new moms are sleep-deprived from early morning waking due to their baby’s feeding schedule. It creates an important space where women can be pampered & take time out for themselves before returning home with their newborns.

Pregnancy Massage enhances circulation throughout your body including increasing blood flow close to areas such as the uterus, breasts, etc., which results in improving oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues, which help reduce aches & cramps while increasing comfort.

Prenatal and postnatal massage Singapore

Prenatal and postnatal massage Singapore is important to help with the physical recovery of a mother after birth. Pregnant women should rotate their hips, knees, and pelvis while they are pregnant in order to avoid hip or back pain that may occur during pregnancy or labor and delivery. Pregnancy massages can be used as an effective way for pregnant mothers to treat these pains.

Post-delivery, it helps reduce scar tissue formation by increasing blood circulation which releases endorphins (the body’s natural feel-good chemicals), relieves tension from the lower back, glutes, and thighs allowing them relief from muscle aches & joint stiffness due to weakened pelvic floor muscles caused by childbirth/pregnancy.

Breast Massage Increase Milk Supply because pregnancy and breastfeeding create great changes in women’s bodies, including the chest muscles that can cause tension around the breasts & nipples causing pain to be felt during pregnancy and after delivery when lactating.

Postnatal care for the mother is extremely important because it helps restore hormone levels back to normal which assists in balancing mood swings and any other emotional stress experienced postpartum due to childbirth. Prenatal And Postnatal Massage Singapore help tremendously with the lack of sleep caused by caring for an infant by increasing serotonin production which calms you down but does not make you drowsy or tired at all! It has been proven over time that massages increase fertility rates as well.

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Breast massage increase milk supply

Breast massage is a technique in which pressure and movement are applied to the breast with or without oil. It promotes milk flow for mothers who have just given birth, hence increasing their milk supply.  Pregnancy and breastfeeding can leave women with tender or sore breasts, making it difficult for them to enjoy physical intimacy.

Breast massage helps mothers release the built-up stress in their chest that is leftover from pregnancy.

Pregnancy hormones can cause your breasts to be engorged when your baby comes along, making it difficult for you to feed right away after childbirth due to insufficient storage capacity of colostrum that’s been made by the body. Breast massage, in this case, helps increase the flow of breast milk and also relieves any discomfort that you’re feeling.  It is also known to be beneficial in increasing breast milk supply.

Postnatal care for mother

Postnatal care for the mother is crucial because you need to get back into shape. Pregnancy doesn’t just happen on the inside, it happens all over your body and some parts may have stretched while others are still trying to shrink down again after growing so big during pregnancy.

Postnatal care for mother should include exercise post-workout recovery with massage therapy or a showerhead massager that can help relax tired muscles in an effort to reduce swelling caused by water retention which occurs more frequently among women also struggling with edema (swelling) along with applying moist heat packs like hot towels wrapped around their stomachs to help with swelling.

Prenatal care for mothers should include eating healthy foods to reduce bloating, drinking plenty of water, and doing exercise on a regular basis so that they can look more attractive again after pregnancy while making sure their bodies are in great shape before trying to conceive another child. Postnatal care for the mother is also important because it helps women get back into feeling sexy again.

Pregnancy hormones may have affected how you feel about yourself during pregnancy but getting some postnatal massages will definitely make you feel better about your body as well as give your partner something nice to appreciate too.