WSQ Provide Trigger Point Therapy


Trigger point therapy, commonly known as Trigger Point Massage is a popular healing therapy for healing practitioner. Is it for you?

Do you like to relieve stress and reduce pain for your client? To see how their life can be changed by your touch?

Trigger point is an increasingly popular massage therapy. It is a method used to treat muscle pain and healing. Do you know that much of your common pain like headache, neck pain, shoulder pain or carpal tunnel has to do with muscle pain?

From tennis elbow to lower back pain to the most common ankle pain, learn the 120 pairs of muscles in your body and only if you wish to help people, this would be the course for you.

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Why learn WSQ Trigger Point Therapy Course?

Trigger point is a pain relief therapy. This is not a regular Swedish or Aromatherapy relaxing massage. Our students have really make a positive impact and see people’s lives change and health improve through regular treatments. Generally, if someone ask you, just say this – helps to relieve sore muscle tissues and stiff joints, allow the body to be unblock and “breathe” better all over again. Eventually the client will feel more energised after your treatment. Energy is a BIG thing for many. Energy affects the body and mind. Take this advance course if you wish to do more serious healing work on adults. You also gain and reinforce your knowledge on the Anatomy of body!

When people talk of trigger points, they relate to pain in general. BUT, trigger points can also refer to motor distortions to other muscles causing them to be naturally weak or spasms to occur.

So, to be come a Trigger Point or Acupressure therapist, it is more than giving a quick 60mins relaxing massage. He or she needs to understand each client’s pain patterns and identify the source of the client’s musculoskeletal pain and address it correctly and effectively. It is not hard massage, it is not a rub. We teach you to understand  anatomy and physiology and how it relates to skeletal system and muscles work. Then, you need to know different stages of pressure and intensity of adjusting the pressure.

Example, when a client comes to you with the most common neck pain, most body therapists will “attack” the neck and give it a hard massage. They think it has to do with neck, the joint, muscle area around the neck. BUT, the truth is it has to do with treatment at the Trapezius muscle which is between the shoulder blades (wings). You need to know how to work which combination of muscles, what advise to give to your client after the treatment to recover faster.

If you wish to do more healing therapy work on clients with common ailments related to neck, frozen shoulder, lower back, knee, headache, then come and learn Trigger Point or acupressure whereby you will use more of:

  • thumb
  • fingertip
  • elbow

Slowly vary your pressure, holding 4-10 seconds and slowly releasing the trigger point. Repeat this method and applying pressure from light to stronger. In short, it is a treatment which require moderation of pressure in different stages.

We teach you simple and proven techniques to correctly detect and locate the source of clients’ pain with hands on practices and how to work with your body weight. Whilst you may apply Pressure Release Techniques, you may also use Stretching Muscle Techniques to contract/relax the muscle at the later part relaxation phrase of the treatment.

This therapy training is for serious practitioner who wants to upgrade and learn to become familiar with different acupressure points locations.

WSQ Provide Trigger Point Therapy is awarded by SSG, it is a national certification.  This course is only for advanced healer or advanced therapist to complement with other skills. Beginner should start from WSQ Provide Full Body Massage with Oil.

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Join our Provide Trigger Point Therapy Course



PRE-REQUISITE: Basic Body Massage Skill & Knowledge needed

Course INFO

Course reference number: (CRS-Q-0025680-TH)

Funding validity period: until 31 December 2019

NEW Class in 2020

WSQ Provide Trigger Point Therapy  —  Evening class  —  Tues & Thurs  —  (6:30pm to 9:30pm)


WSQ Provide Trigger Point Therapy  —  9th January 2020 to 20th March 2020


Certification is Awarded by SSG – Statement of Attainment (SOA)   WSQ Provide Trigger Point Therapy

Course Fee:                  $1,580 (all inclusive)

Mode of Training Delivery  Face to Face/Fully Class Room Based Learning, Conduct in English Only

Enrol Requirement: Primary/below Secondary or equivalent



Start Date:   9th January 2020

End Date:     20th March 2020

EVERY TUESDAY & THURSDAY           (6:30pm — 9:30pm)



Minimum Age            17 years

Part Time Course     2x a week, 2.5 months, 7-10pm

Training Duration   50 hours, and 1.5 hours for assessment

Assessment                 Theory   (Oral)   and Practical  (must pass Both required assessments to obtain SOA)