WSQ Provide Pre-natal Massage Course

Is Post natal massage more popular than pre natal massage? Not really as more women are pampering their bodies during pre natal massage. This will help them to enjoy pregnancy and stay happy throughout the pregnancy, doing all they could to have a happy baby and prevent water retention, enhance mobility and relax all the tension.

In the past, many overlooked the changes a woman’s body go through from the start of pregnancy. There are joy, fear, anxieties, stress and huge hormonal changes. Today, more woman deliver later and they could have back problems. Starting early to look after the body with the extra weight is becoming common. The client will follow you throughout and postnatal services would be the next natural services after delivery. So, why not take pre natal massage and postnatal massage and be certified immediately with WSQ!

In these century, more and more people become aware of the importance of pre natal care. Pre natal care is a holistic approach to pregnancy. It means to look after a new mother’s diet, nutrition, exercise, body posture and emotions. Yes, treat the pregnant woman like a queen and give her regular pre natal massage treatments – the pre natal massage!

Childbearing and birthing are important milestones in her life and to the whole family. However, sometimes it is very overwhelming with morning sickness symptoms at the beginning of the pregnancy and edema at the end of the pregnancy period. In between, there are other hormonal attributed discomforts especially fatigue, sore nipples, developing stretch marks just to name a few.

From the second trimester, around 12 weeks of pregnancy, woman should start to prepare their body for various changes and massage can help to relax the tension, backache, the weight gain, constipation, swelling and fatigue are generally common pregnant woman.

Pre natal care is a very popular home massage. It is equally important if not more important for pregnant women to look after themselves from the start of the pre natal massage to care for their body and to prevent stretch marks.

In pre natal massage, tapotement, effleurage and friction are often techniques used to calm the mother to be.  Pre natal massage will also help to prepare for a easier delivery. From muscle toning to lymphatic system, there are many many benefits for the expectant mother.

With this awareness of holistic scope of pregnancy health care, there has been increase in request for pre natal massage home massage visits. Your client will stay with you throughout the pregnancy and after the delivery too. It is now most popular to pick up these home massage skills!. Be certified and become an expert in home massage! Specialise and build your reputation as a family massage therapist!




To enable the candidate to perform a pre natal massage safely, we will consult and get permission from the client.   This is a massage every pregnant woman needs! PTA helps you understand  what to avoid, how to use extra pillows to give mums more comfort, how to perform a safe massage and help new mums to get a pleasurable experience during pregnancy.




  • Introduction to Pre natal Massage,
  • Anatomy related to reproductive system
  • Correct pre natal massage technique, sequence and technique for pre natal massage
  • Consultation and contraindications
  • Customer service for home massage


  • Aftercare Advice
  • Oreparation, hygiene, safety and pre natal massage activities




PRE-REQUISITE: Basic Body Massage Skill & Knowledge needed


Course reference number: (CRS-Q-0026602-TH)

Funding validity period: until 17 June 2020


Certification is Awarded by SSG – Statement of Attainment (SOA)    WSQ Provide Pre natal Massage

Course Fee:               $1,580 (all inclusive)

Mode of Training Delivery  Face to Face/Fully Class Room Based Learning, Conduct in English Only

Enrol Requirement: Primary/below Secondary or equivalent.

Minimum Age:          17 years

Part Time Course     2x, 2.5months,  7-10pm

Training Duration    50 hours, and 1.5 hours for assessment

Assessment               Theory (Oral) and Practical (must pass Both required assessments to obtain SOA)

New Class                   Tentative May 2016