Basic Body Massage Course For Everyone

Short Body Massage Courses – Do you Want to Know How Body Massage can Significantly Improve all your Relationships?

  • Massage your children and bond with them. Let them come to you asking for a body massage treat and you can get cooperation from them too
  • Massage helps children to sleep well. More and more insomnia and active children find it harder to sleep. Receiving a relaxing full body massage will guarantee that they sleep like a baby!
  • Massage your partner. Yes, learn it and help your partner relief a headache, a nagging shoulder pain, stomach discomforts and destress mind and body… Have your partner or your children coming back to you asking for more!
  • Giving your partners weekend long body massage treats is above all outings, shoppings and movies.


Everyone Can Massage Like a PRO!

  • Whoever you are, be it a caregiver, a nurse, doctor, a parent or a healthcare professional or a spouse…please learn basic body massage. This tactile skill brings magic to you and your loved ones. You do not need to become a masseuse or spa therapist to learn. Anyone, everyone who care about your family, your spouse, children, parents should learn!
  • Why? Because it builds bond, it brings family closer together with a touch therapy…just develop and give a soothing body massage to anyone. No need to feel stress that you are not as good as a professional therapist. You do not have to be. Your loving touch, your 10-15mins rub on the neck, the hands or foot massage will bring you and your loved ones closer.
  • We totally understand how you feel and how to develop your confidence in massage. Try our basic body massage course (based in Raffles Place in Singapore), where you can learn part time, flexible enough for you to choose a day or a night class on weekdays.



What Do I Learn in this Short Body Massage Course for Beginners?

In this basic body massage course, you will learn the 5 important and popular massage techniques – effluerage, pettrisage, friction, vibration and tapotement. These five movements are commonly known as the classical movements in Swedish massage. We will show you the types of massage oils commonly used in spa and which are the good grade quality oils oppose to cheap baby massage oils that could clog your skin pores and might cause skin allergies. Short courses are for up to 6 students so there is much chance to interact, hands on practise and ask many questions. Join us if you want to learn in small groups. Importantly, you will learn the stance of body massage, exerting the right pressure on different parts of the body and how to prevent self injury during the body massage. We will additionally give you a bonus on blending of good destress oils for you  to bring home and start massaging your family at home.



When is the NEXT Body Massage Short Course?

If you are interested in learning a Tactile Skill? If you are interested in our revamped Home Massage Short Class, please leave us your name and contact numbers on the box to your right to reach you.

We will notify you the dates for the new Short Course. Alternatively, feel free to ring us Mondays to Fridays 9-5pm,  call +65 6533 0108  or Email or


14 and 21 March 2020 

Please drop us an email or call us at +65 6533 0108 if you need us to inform you the upcoming dates in 2018!


Please contact us at +65 6533 0108 if you wish to learn on other Saturdays. Limited seats especially on popular weekends classes.

Let it be a year of building your family’s health and wellness at home.