Accredited by SSG and International Cibtac Diploma

What Kind of accreditation can get you a License?

  • Full WSQ Statement of Attainments in
    • WSQ Provide Full Body Massage with Oil
    • WSQ Provide Hand & Foot Reflexology
    • WSQ Provide Facial Treatment
    • WSQ Provide Pre-natal Massage
    • WSQ Provide Post-natal Massage
    • WSQ Provide Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
    • WSQ Provide Sports Massage
    • WSQ Provide Trigger Point Massage
    • WSQ Provide Aromatherapy
  • International Certification
    • Cibtac Diploma in Body Massage
    • Cibtac Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology &
    • Cibtac Diploma in Aesthetics Treatment


Protherapist Academy has partnered with Workforce Development Agency for over 10 years, since 2005. In these 10 over years, we have transited from the NSRS Massage Courses to WSQ certified courses with many modules (Statement of Attainment – SOA) for beginners and advanced learners. There are many skill set in the Spa Framework with nails, facial, body therapy, body massage and many more spa treatments.

Spa Industry is still booming. The current challenge is finding an experienced, all rounded professional therapist who have skills and techniques for foot reflexology, hand reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage, sports massage, and acupressure skills all in 1 person.


Your Freelance and Full Time Career Opportunities

If you wish to own a spa, start your own home massage, home facial treatment, home nail services, why not come and obtain an internationally recognised Diploma and pick up several modules to start building your own clients? We have part time courses, WTS government funding support up to 95% of course fees and our training approach is very hands on and practical. This will enable you to understand the dynamic wellness industry and be outstanding in bodyworks.

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Does Pressing Harder and with Stronger Pressure Equal to a Good Massage?

Do you know that many therapists do not have sufficient training and certificates? Knowledge of muscles, connective tissues and how to apply which technique to which treatment and services is all part of training and experience. They learnt from job while that is good, it is not enough to fully perform an effective therapy and decide what is best option for the client.


Industry Matures with Growth Opportunities

The masseuse or massage therapist is overworked too. They lack the proper training and spa education to communicate with the client effectively. They lack sufficient anatomy knowledge other than a touch.  Our mission is to enforce a correct and professional approach to Spa and Wellness, to ensure the standard of treatment will improve client’s health and well-being, reduce their stress and pain. With a higher quality team of spa employees, our industry will definitely see another boom in 2016.