Massage is often related to wellness, wellbeing and relaxing, rejuvenation. In recent years, there is more to do with pain relief, complementary medicine.
Massage can help to increase blood circulation, thus it promotes relaxation. At the same time, during a massage, it can also promote better functioning of muscles and joints. As the population gets more active – sports, work stress and an ever increasingly busy lifestyle, going for a weekly massage, meeting a therapist for a treatment of a sore shoulder, frozen shoulder, bad back problem is very common.

People do not realised how their busy lifestyle affects their breathing and blood circulation. Smoking, excessive alcohol, sitting too long and bad posture can cause a stiff body.

We focus on holistic healthcare and believe that everyone has responsibility over their own health.  We have developed manipulative massage courses that can treat connective tissue, trigger point, sore points caused by sports and vigorous exercises. Massage can help to unblock the sore points and remove harmful toxins stored over time.

Learn these complementary and specialised healing modules if you are keen to heal and improve lives. One the one hand, you have opportunities to work alongside physiotherapist and chiropractors, on the other hand, you will find yourself very in demand in the spas with your new Acupressure skills, Sports massage skills, understanding of lymph nodes and Manual Lymph Drainage massage or knowledge of aromatherapy.



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